This revolutionary product has made having to wear a face covering easier, more comfortable and hassle free!
Not only is the fabric breathable and soft to the touch, the antibacterial properties give me peace of mind that this face covering is cleaner than the average mask!
With its handy wrist band keeping it safe and handy when it’s not in use it means it’s always to hand when needed.
Lastly and most importantly, I’m a glasses wearer and was getting so fed up with the fact my glasses mist up with regular masks, well when worn correctly not with this face covering! It keeps your glasses fog free making everyday life so much easier!
This face covering deserves a A* and I would highly recommend purchasing one.

Liam Lawton 09/12/2021

This product is fantastic! It’s comfortable, breathable and goes with any outfit! I have found that the face covering is not like the others as it has a discreet wristband storage pouch, it is anti-bacterial, has super stretch fabric so no tears or snags like most face coverings and it fits any face!

Having the wristband to hand is very useful as it is easy for anyone to leave their household without a face covering when rushing around, so if you are out and about and urgently need to get something from e.g., a supermarket you have it right there on your wrist.

I highly recommend this product!

Mel. M – 02/12/2021

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the face covering. As a glasses wearer its so great to have a face covering that doesn’t create any fog, taking my glasses off and on when I have to put a face covering on is a nightmare but that’s no longer something I need to worry about! Also the wrist band to hold the face covering is fantastic, it sits comfortably on my wrist and very convenient! What a fantastic product, would highly recommend.

A. Raynor – 24/11/2021